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Damn, damn, damn.

100 new friends post overnight, even though I checked right before going to bed (a typical number, not the cause of the subject line). Using this new Firefox/Firebird Mozilla browser: My thought early this morning was "Wow, this tab system is kind of cool. I can open interesting cuts and comments in a new tab, finish my flist reading, then go back and read the longer interesting stuff when I'm done!".

That's a fine and good system, other than when you hit the wrong damned X and close the whole window instead of just a tab! Now I have to go back and skim 100 posts again to find the things I had wanted to read! (How about a nice little popup box? "You have multiple tabs open. Do you really wish to close the whole window?")

This damned mozilla browser needs a whole lot more work. I can't even count the number of damned bugs I'm finding in it. Everything from scrolling issues to window-order issues (and no, they're not related to my computer -- I see the same things at work).

Damned thing. You're damned if you use IE, damned if you don't.

Damnedy damned-damn!
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