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Who were YOU in a past life? (And anime recs for Chia.)

By way of daltontrix: Find your past life! Here's mine:

"You were a hunter in West Africa in the 17th century. You were not a very good hunter, however, and you traded away many of your possessions for the animal skin you wore in a pitiful attempt to make others think you were a good hunter. After many years of frustration, you changed careers and became a potter instead, a calling for which you were much more suited. Things went much better after that."

Funny thing is, the moral of it sort of fits my life now.


Since Chia's new computer will be arriving soon, I figured I better get off my butt and make the list of anime recs for her. If anyone has any to add, feel free to leave comments!

These aren't just things I like, they're things I hope you will as well. I'll include a "gayness" rating for all of them, since I know that's important to you. ;) These are very roughly in my order of liking them. (Very very roughly, as it's hard to compare them.)

Also: If something doesn't have good art and at least okay music, I'm not likely to like it. So you can assume that anything on this list already has those bases covered.

Hunter X Hunter: The anime that confirmed the thought that you don't need guys hanging all over other guys to make a good series. ;) Nice and long (62 eps, plus two 8 ep OVAs, and it's ongoing), wonderful characterization, incredible story/world. Detailed enough that the whole world it's set in feels like a real place. Gayness: 0 or maybe 1, depending how you look at one "pairing".

Naruto: The anime that first made me think that you didn't need m/m stuff to have me love the series. Another really long one (71 and still running), full of interesting characters and lots of action. Not as realistic as HxH, but until I found HxH it was firmly my most favorite one. There is a little more male/male relationships in this one (mostly early on though), but once you get into the story you'll find you really don't need that element to enjoy it. Gayness: 3 for the first 20 or so eps, then down to 1-ish.

Prince of Tennis: [This one is probably very out of order, but I'm putting it here because it used to be my favorite one. It's nothing like any of the others I like, so trying to rank it among them is an apples-oranges type of thing.] There's only one reason to watch PoT, and it ain't the tennis. :) The only purpose of this series is to have fun with all the m/m-ness. If you put PoT on one side of the room and two hot RL alive men going at it on the other side, PoT would ping much, much louder on the gayness scale. It's a fun series, but all fluff. The characters are as deep as you need them to be to have believable pairing. It is a fun series, just don't look for deep, dark storylines from it. Another long one (110+ eps and still going on).

Full Metal Alchemist: A new-ish series (the 20th ep airs tonight, series on-going), but wonderful -- if PoT wasn't randomly placed there, FMA would easily be #3. Rich, deep, dark storylines. Death, life, pain... but happiness and lightness as well. Lots of humor in there with the serious storylines. There are some very "gay" scenes in FMA, but not m/m gay (if that makes sense... and no, I don't mean f/f). But really, this is another series that needs no sexuality to make it great.

Dear Boys and Whistle! : Two series, one about basketball and the other about soccer. Lots of folks liked Whistle! more, but I liked Dear Boys better. Both have similar storylines, great (well developed) characters, and a plot that'll just hook you. Whistle! had nearly no m/m vibes, but Dear Boys buzzed with them. Both series are completed (Dear Boys had 22 eps, Whistle! had 39).

Someday's Dreamers: A short series (12 eps), but really hard to describe. Very "adult" (as in mature, not sexual), pretty dark. One of the great things about this one was that you got such a good look at what a modern Japanese city looked like... but there was so much more to it than that. The characters were so human, and the setting was really well done, but ... it's hard to describe. The *emotions* and pain of the characters came through so well. It was just a great series to watch, and I cried for a whole day after it ended.

Twin Spica: Another short (6 eps so far, but on-going), "adult" series. You could describe it as "a girl who wants to become an astronaut", but that's really making it too simple. It's about life, death, life after death (*sniff*), and how people interact. If this sounds like a boring description, don't think less of the series because of it -- it's my failing in describing it, not a problem with the series.

Get Backers: One of the first anime I watched. A fun, longish (about 50 eps) series full of fun characters who sometimes got into serious situations. Depending on who you ask, most of the characters were "somewhat gay" to "EYE-BLEEDINGLY GAY". I really want to watch this series again, now that I know more about stuff, and see if I still like it. I'm a little worried about recommending it since it was one of the first I watched and that might be affecting my judgement of it...

DNAngels: (AKA: D.N. Angels, DN Angels) Shortish (26 eps), and another of the first series that I watched. I remember liking it a whole lot, but again I'm worried my judgement might be questionable because I was very new to this at the time. (I recall the characters as pretty darned gay, too.)

Hellsing: Very short (6 eps), and another of my earliest ones. I like it a lot, but a number of fans scoff at it, so... Very dark (about vampires, after all!), rocking music, interesting characters. Zero gayness.

Kino no Tabi: Very, very, very dark. No sex. Short (7 eps, but on-going). Great music. Very dark. (Did I mention that it's dark?)

There are some others that I'm watching and liking (but not totally loving) that you might pick up if you need something to watch: Escaflowne, Hikaru no Go, Peace Maker Kurogane (you'd probably like this one more than me, it's full of "pretty boys"), ...oh, and I guess Witch Hunter Robin. I'm still catching up on Witch Hunter, so I'm not sure where in my list it's going to be yet. I like it though, and do recommend it.

Now, as to where to find things: is a good place to start. One warning though: *NEVER* download movies or music from there. It's one of the biggest BT sites around, and many people are getting into legal trouble because of downloading from there. However, it is (or should be) safe for downloading anime. (I get anime from there, but nothing else.) is a good site to check at least once a day. All new stuff gets posted there. is a little search engine for anime. Very useful, I've found lots of things I'm looking for through it.

If you can't find something I mention above, let me know. I know a few smaller places that some of these can be found on.
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