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Mozilla: WTF?

For two days now, I've been having trouble with Bit Torrent. No matter if I click on a link in a web page or save it to my computer and then try to start the torrent from there, it failed. (Wouldn't connect to the tracker.) I tried all sorts of different trackers and different torrents, none worked. Finally I loaded up IE just to see if that would do anything... and everything works. What the heck?

Oh well, last strike. While the tab system was growing on me, at least IE works (when not crashing). Bye-bye Firebird/Firefox. (Hey, here's an idea for you guys: Instead of renaming yourself and making a new graphic, why not make a tool that actually works! Radical idea, I know.)

Edit: By the way, I know a few of you folks have played this, so you might be interested: Xenosaga_Episode_II_Trailer I haven't played the first one yet, but want to. This only makes me want to play it more. So pretty! And beautiful music! Mmm.

Edit 2: Man, when I say the music is beautiful, it's a major understatement! *dies* Gah, it makes my stomach twist and my eyes tear up. Just wonderful!
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