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I'm stupid (and tired, too!)

Had a really nice walk this morning, though for some reason I keep walking longer distance but the time it takes isn't increasing. Either there's a bug in the universe or I'm walking faster (I suspect the former).

Then, after the nice walk and feeling good, I got stupid. McDonalds makes me sick, so (smartly) I haven't gone there for breakfast in a month or so. This morning I was starving and I didn't want to have just fruit or a protein bar, and I've been seriously low on protein lately so I figured I'd go and get an egg and cheese sandwich... blech. It tasted semi-okay when I ate it, but now I'm hoping to vomit it up. I feel like a good-sized animal crawled into my belly and died. How can any food that's not spoiled make you feel so sick? I suppose it's greasy as heck and probably fried in burger juice or something. Blech. (But of course I deserve this, I KNOW this is how I feel after I eat there, yet now and then I still go... Stupid, stupid me.)

While it may be cold or snowy where you are, the trees are seriously in bloom here. (My black car is all yellow-green, blech.) This means my sinuses have packed up, leapt out of my head, and ran off. At night I take a "sinus pill" so that I can sleep through the night without feeling like someone is holding a pillow over my face. Since I finished the last box of them, I had to go get a new one. By mistake I got the name brand version of the generic type I usually use. "No biggie!" I thought. "So I wasted a couple dollars, the active ingredients are the same so there shouldn't be a difference!" Wrong! WRONG-O, baby! Hi! Have a little (LOT) of caffeine in your pill you take right before bed! 2 AM and I was bouncing off the walls -- sleep wasn't even a word I recognized anymore! Insane. Very tired today. Very tired.

Though I suck ass at video games (understatement! I really, really suck at them, I fail at even the Disney games aimed at little kids) I ordered the first Xenosaga game (and a guidebook) last night. The music is so pretty and the video is amazing, so I'm going to try. I want to find one of those Gameshark things so the playing part will be easier (since I'm only "playing" so I can see the movie parts, I have no problem with "cheating" like that... apparently nor with using lots of "quotes".). And as an added bonus, if I had a Gameshark I could maybe try FFX-2 again, too. (I played it ONCE since buying it! Hate the fighting system, hate it hate it hate it.)

So I guess that's the Monday morning report. It's now 9:03 and I've read all my usual web pages, message boards, LJ, and the like... and I still have eight full hours left at work! Wheeeeee!
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