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Where's my keeper, dammit?

I told you all I needed a keeper. Why haven't you all chipped in and gotten me one yet? Starving. When I got home I found a new game in my mailbox (Monster Rancher 4, not Xenosage), so I sat down to "just check it out for a moment". Hours later I grumped that it was boring and turned it off... but by then dinnertime was long gone. Watched an ep of Witch Hunter Robin, but wasn't patient enough to deal with reading subtitles. Downloaded and watched an ep of Hunter X Hunter, which made me just boggle at how close the series follows some RP I've done in the past (sleep lightly, little Hunters!).

Still utterly unable to concentrate/focus on anything, I just turned on the TV for some mindless entertainment. My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance was ending tonight.

What an annoyingly sucky way to end it. "Oh, everyone's happy! La la la la!" Randi was an IDIOT and screwed her family over. She messed with their heads and HURT them. Why did this have a happy ending? Why was a mindless idiot rewarded with a million dollars?

The ending should have been that they hated her forever and never forgave her... because that's what she deserved.

Bah. "Reality" TV. Riiiiiight.
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