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Witch Hunter Robin, cel, new series (A)

(It's firebyrd's fault that I always want to type that as "Witch Hunter Robyn".)

I'm watching a dubbed ep of Witch Hunter Robin for the first time (the fifth ep, I didn't record the earlier ones) and wow, I'm impressed. I really like nearly all the voices (only Amom's is a little odd) and they did a great job of matching it up with the video. A couple details of the stories are changed, but I guess that's to be expected. I totally expected to hate the dubbing, but it's very watchable and if I didn't have the subbed versions I'd happily watch the dubbed. (Actually, I'll probably watch both...)

More than a week after I ordered the cel of Killua that I liked I finally got an emailed reply (they were supposed to reply within 24 hours). They already sold the cel. I'm not depressed over it, as during this long wait I changed my mind about it. I wouldn't mind (or would even like) having one, but not one for $150. truth, I don't even really need one. It'd be *nice*, but it's not necessary or anything.

Hm. I appear to need some new series to watch. I have half of Witch Hunter Robin left, then just a couple movies. (Man, I envy you, Chia! You have everything ahead of you, so much good stuff to watch! :) )
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