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Make a note: You can later say "I told you so".

So because I suck at games, I decided to buy a Gameshark. (A little cheating thing, you enter a code and it gives you max HP or turns your enemies into kittens or whatever.) 'I'll buy a Gameshark!', that seems like such a simple idea, doesn't it?


My quest for this little cheating device lead me through the history of two different companies, a hostile take-over, and lots of pissed off gamers. Oh and Fry's, but let's not mention that evil store.

So long ago there were two companies, Gameshark and MadCatz, apparently one company made a product that worked well and the other company's products did nothing but suck. The sucky company took over the good company, and forever after Gamesharks sucked and never worked.

So we want to buy one of the older version, right? One of the ones that would work? Not so easy! There are four versions of Gamesharks (1-4). You would THINK that Gameshark2 would be version two and Gameshark would be one, etc. Nope! Apparently Gameshark/2 can be ANY version, and the versions are not printed anywhere on the package.


So I ventured off to Evil Fry's in the rain today (at this point I was unaware that Gameshark/2 could be any version), and was thwarted because they only had Gamesharks and Gameshark2s. (Note: the 2 had nothing to do with it being for a PS2 machine.) Scratching my head (and with 25 writable DVDs, yay!), I left.

Coming back here to work, I checked online. Hit They sell them directly, but have no info about which version you'll be buying. Hm. But I bought from them anyway. Why? Well, when I checked their shipping charges, it said "From $.50 to $5.00, depending where in the country you are". Wow, fair shipping! So rare! But little did I know how fair the shipping charges would really be:

Subtotal $39.99
Sales Tax $3.10
Shipping/Handling $0.00
Grand Total $43.09

Buh? There was no special going on, no "buy today for free shipping!", it just came up as $0... Odd, but I'll take it!

Oh, and on the 'I told you so': Nearly every review I've read of all the current versions of Gameshark say it's crap. Never works, won't run, totally can't be used, and in worse cases kills your PS2... Usually I listen to reviews from other customers, but this time I'm not going to. So, if this later bites me in the ass, you all will be free to tell me 'I told you so'!.
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