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Go me! Yay!

Now a town in NY is marrying same-sex couples as well. How's that count as a "Yay me!"? New Paltz is where I went to college! It's a really small town across the river from a city (Poughkeepsi -- not sure if I can spell that right anymore).

I wish I had been more like I am now back when I was in college. Would you believe I had been a registered republican? I thought the GAYLA (Uh, GALYA? Gay And Lesbian ... something... All... Alliance?) was an awful idea and that people should keep their sex-related opinions out of the public view. I never voiced my opinion out loud, but I had thought gay sex was just pretty wrong in general.

I'm so glad I've grown up (even if I'm many years late in doing so). So: Yay me! :)

(PS: I really want to delete most of that second paragraph. I don't like the person I was back then, and I hate the opinions I had on many things. I hope people don't think worse of me now because I had been so closed-minded back then. I was a stupid kid (even though college-aged), who thought I knew everything.)
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