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Xenosaga, walking, stuff

Xenosaga: Playing this game is a lot like being in bed with someone who prefers masturbation to sex -- I keep wanting to say to it "You sure look like you're having a lot of fun over there, but wouldn't you like ME to do anything?" I'm actually posting this while playing! Being able to multitask during it is handy, but makes it a little boring.

I've been playing for just over an hour (though it feels like two or three). So far I can handle the battle system, though of course I'm still on the lowest levels. The animation is nice, though as far as I can remember, it's less realistic than FFX; in Xenosaga (cut scenes) everyone's flesh and clothing looks a little plastic/stiff, I thought FFX's looked nearly or perfectly realistic.

Oh well, I'm still having fun with this, even though I have a few grumps. It's actually sort of fun blowing things up! Though I'm not really sure why robots burst into what looks like a cloud of blood when you destroy one...


Walking: Good news and bad news. The good is that I'm still enjoying it, still going walking nearly every day. The bad news is that I made the mistake of looking up just how few calories it burns. If you run slowly or speed walk or race walk, you only burn 300 calories for a whole HOUR of doing it! Gah! I know the world isn't fair, but that's not fair! :p

While looking for that information, I came across (and bought) a pedometer. Sites/experts seem to agree that you need to take about 6,000 steps a day to be "healthy", and about 10,000 a day if you're trying to lose weight. I avoid these silly little faces, but never did one seem to better fit: O.o WTF? 10,000 steps? Even counting my daily walk, I doubt I get 1,000 steps in a day! (I sit at the computer for 9-10 hours at work, then I come home and sit at a different computer). Walk? Well, the kitchen is about 4 steps away and the bathroom 7! The mailbox might be 20 steps, and my car 40-ish. ...I'm almost afraid to see how little walking I do now...


Assorted stuff:

* Catlove is (again) down, so I'm not seeing email or LJ comments. If you have a site hosted there and can't access it, that's why.

* I watched one ep of Witch Hunter Robin while eating and before Xenosaga. I'm happy to see what I thought had happened didn't... though things are still really odd. Naruto 72 has now finished downloading, plus I have a crapload of other stuff to watch, so after I finish this post I need to either blow up more things or switch to watching stuff. (It's annoying to have to FIND save points instead of being able to save whenever you feel like it.)

* Lastly, I found this quote while wandering my friendsfriends list. It's from song lyrics, and wow, I think it would work as my personal motto or lifetime goal or something:

With a random act of senseless kindness
Unexpected hand to help remind us
A little bit of love is the cure for hate
It's easy to give up but it's never too late

A single step in the right direction
Person to person making a connection
We can change the world that's become so violent
With a random act of senseless kindess"

"A little bit of love is the cure for hate" I love that line so much! Eee, now I feel all happy inside... so time to go blow up more robots! Heh heh heh. Such mixed signals!
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