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BT-goodness, sex on your screen

Final Fantasy: Advent Children has a trailer out! (BT it here.) I'm told it's a CGI movie, but these are the most realistic looking characters I've ever seen... real-live-actor movies included!

Gah! Yes, please!

*dies at his hair* Mmmmmmm.

Not as sexy, but his hair is so realistic! It's not as clear in the screenshots, but in the trailer you could see each individual strand!

(Since Catlove is still down, I have these up on Comcast.)

Well suck. Now I'm being told that the trailer isn't all that new. Well, it's new to me! And you can't see sexy men too often, right?

Oh, and a new Xenosaga 2 trailer. Much larger, totally sharper, longer tralier. Mmm.
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