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*sniff* Sad song

I grabbed a copy of the Naruto soundtrack last week, and I'm finally getting around to listening it. How could I have forgotten or not realized that Aito Hi (the song that plays during the saddest of the Zabuza/Haku death scene) would be on it? I was just listening to the songs one by one, then hit this one. Since I had no defenses up, tears popped right into my eyes. *sniff* I don't think I've ever heard sadder music.

Since I have about 5 gigs of bandwidth left for the month, I stuck it up onto Catlove for anyone to download. MP3, 3 minutes long, about 7,000 Kb.

Right click, save target as. Cry.

Apparently Aito Hi means 'sadness and sorrow', which sure does fit.

Even though it's been a while since I last saw that scene, it still hits me amazingly hard. It hurts, in my chest, as if a real person died. Okay, have to take this song off repeat, can't cry first thing Saturday morning. :}
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