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You can't die! You said you'd help me!

Xenosaga is both fun and annoying. After four and a half hours, the game finally started. Aliens have invaded my ship! Eek! So this buff Marine pilot says to me "Go get this X item, then I can use it to free your ship!", so of course I say 'yipee!' and trot off to get it... but once I return with it the Marine is dead! (Not even just dead, he's nothing more than a splattering of blood on my nice clean white floor!)

When I do something that shows how new I am to games, it makes me giggle. In this one, you can shoot things (crates, boxes, trash) to get good items... but instead of making you shoot *everything*, the game puts a blue target over anything that can be shot. It's gotten to the point where I just see the blue target and shoot, I don't even think about it... Well heh, I was in this control room with a glass wall, and an alien was behind the glass. (Note: You can't fight the aliens, they do 9,999 HP in a single blow, and I'm at 100-something HP. The point is just to avoid them.) So a blue target appears on the glass... the only thing keeping the monster alien away from me. What do I do? *Pow!* Glass breaks, alien steps out and eats my head. Hee, game over!

If I hadn't saved just a second before that, there would be no "hee" in that last sentence. I'm really, really happy for my guidebook: I read a sentence telling me what to do, then do it in the game, then pause the game, read the next sentence, unpause and do it, pause, read... I bet lots of people would rather not play that way, but I like knowing I'll do it the right way if I follow the book.


In other (just as groundbreaking) news, I had a dream last night that I had three goldfish... except one wasn't really a goldfish and it kept giving birth to odd, different colored tropical fish. Alas, I used nothing but water from the sink for their tank (it didn't even have a heater or anything) so they all kept dying.

Well, that's about it for the weekend. I have ten BT downloads going at once, which is just totally killing both my system and my bandwidth (but I want to grab things while the torrents are alive, so).

...Ugh, man. Watching cooking shows is no longer something I can really do for fun. They're doing a "crawdad" boil thing. The creatures are alive before boiling them, and if that's not enough, the cook and the other people are making them fight and posing them in stupid poses and all that. Mutter. It's not bad enough you're boiling living creatures alive? Oh wait, if you're doing that, why would you respect them in any other way? Mumble.

Cheery note to end on, huh? I should take more screenshots of Takuto (the guy wearing the cat ears in my last post). He's so cute! I love him. :)
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