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Lost in Translation

Bored and restless out of my mind, I decided to check out this movie just so that I could confirm that I didn't want to watch it and delete it... but it only took a couple moments for me to instead get totally into it!

It's a funny thing to absolutely hate a movie's two main characters and yet love the movie -- that really doesn't seem possible, but for me that's what happened. (For those who haven't seen it or heard of it, two Americans (one a former movie star and the other the wife of a photographer) are in Tokyo, and neither wants to be there.) The two characters were just ever-grumpy and hating everything about Japan, which made me want to shake some sense in them. The woman kept sitting in her window, sighing and making sad eyes as she looked out at the city around her hotel. How in the world could you be bored there? Even from her window that high up, there was so much to see! And the male main character (the former star) spent his whole time drinking in a dark bar! Gah! Fool, both of them.

*But!* For all the people were stupid, it was wonderful seeing Japan! Everything from someone handing out tissue packets on the street (heehee!) to a prostitute who was pretending she hated sex, it was all so perfectly made! And the exchanging-business cards scene! Even the way they were holding the cards was right! It just made my evening to see all that. :)

There was a very short scene in an arcade, and I made a couple screenshots from it. I never saw a UFO Catcher before! (That was the best picture, unfortunately. I'm assuming it's like one of those crane games, but I couldn't get a good look.) I heard about this game, but never saw pictures of it! He had to beat the drums along with the screen in that first screenshot. (Sorry for the quality on this one, I couldn't get a good capture of him playing.) I like Japanese guys! (He reminds me of Tezuka.) Last game: Playing in time with the music on the screen! What totally cool games! I was thinking that if I were there, I'd take lots of shots of all these games and everyone playing them... then I wondered if that'd be considered rude. (Probably so, since you you should ask before photographing even cosplayers...)

Oh well, fun's over! Time to clean and such for the new week.
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