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jakflak might be right...

jakflak is stalked by the arctic sun, and sometimes I think he might be right about the whole "evil sun" idea. I can't believe how late it's setting, and it's only February! On Sunday nights I stop fooling around and start real work based on how dark it is outside, but that messed me up by nearly an hour tonight. Odd!

On the other hand, since it was lighter later I did go walking tonight. I'm going to start pushing myself to make greater increases in distance (I read that you're supposed to go up by 5-10 minutes per week, and though I'm making increases daily, I'm not hitting that mark).

How's this for odd? A couple years back there was this class action law suit. Anyone who had bought a CD could get in on it, you needed NO proof of purchase or anything, so I signed up. Since it was years ago, I had totally forgotten it... until I got a check today. $13.86. I'm pretty sure I signed up for this thing back while I was at Alta Vista, so it must be quite a few years ago...

In totally random news, since my mother won't stop IMing me and so I can't concentrate and post whatever I wanted to post about: Chia and I are Jack Sprat and his wife: We can go out and order burgers together, and she can eat the meat but no bun, but I want the bun and no meat... so we're a pair!

(Half hour later...)

Oh well, I've forgotten whatever important thing I wanted to post about. Be happy and less irritated, everyone! Seems like a lot more people are fighting on LJ right now, so resist snapping and being angry. I feel like such a hippy saying this, but: You hurt yourself more than anyone else when you hate people, so just be nice!
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