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HP Story Challenge: International Night in the Great Hall

It started with a poll posted yesterday by nimori asking people what their hottest non-smutty word was. Today she posted a challenge based on that:

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to write a fic(let) incorporating as many of the non-smutty hot words as you can. Anyone who manages to work in all of them -- the last one as of this post being 'godfather' -- may request a drabble or sketch from me.

I've not written in the HP world for a while, but when I looked at the word list I got hit with an idea, so I went with it. The list:

wanton, glistening, bound, saunter, please, ("What kind of geek gets turned on by "sprawl"??" -- more of a reply than a word, but I used it anyway), das Kaetzchen (German for kitten), anything said in Swedish, straddle, ghost (used as a verb), rutting, dissolute, drawl, glide, flush, spine, mewl, moan, conditioning, phantasmagorical, icecubes, subdue, belly, spangled, slick, take, shirtfront, quiver, arch, camp, inexorable, godfather.

Not only did I use all the words, I used them in order! Hee. In some cases I had to adjust the tense of the word, and I think once I made a noun plural. On "icecube" and "shirtfront", I left them as one word since they were posted that way. I apologize in advance for the German sentence, I'm sure I murdered the grammar. (Translation for it and the Swedish word will be at the end.)

Title: International Night in the Great Hall
Words: ~1100
Characters: Many!
Warnings: None. (Work safe, no matter how hard the word list tried for otherwise.) Not beta read (sorry).

Though not often, sometimes the Hogwarts house elves tried to expand the students' horizons by serving foods from other cultures. Italian had gone well, and American had been okay, but Indian had been a total flop. Tonight they were offering Chinese food.

At the Gryffindor table, Fred was busy arranging his wontons; the noodles were being paired off, one atop the other. George glanced over then flashed a grin as he asked, "Wanton wontons, eh?" They shared a snicker.

Hermione wrinkled her nose as she leaned forward, frowning at a platter of sliced barbecue pork. "How unhealthy! Look at it glistening with grease!" But that didn't stop Neville from helping himself to more of the meat. Under her breath Hermione muttered, "Anyone who eats much of this is bound to get fat..."

Late as usual, Draco sauntered in and took his seat with the Slytherins. Millicent Bulstrode picked up the silver kettle and offered, "Tea?"

"Please," he replied automatically, scanning the table instead of paying any attention to her. Pansy Parkinson, bright eyed and breathing quickly, was reading a book on the table in front of her... one that didn't look anything like a textbook. Craning his neck, he scanned the page she was reading. "What kind of geek gets turned on by "sprawl"??" he asked in a voice loud enough to be heard by most of their table.

Pansy blushed and slammed the book shut, snapping at him, "Du bist nichts aber ein Kaetzchen, Draco!" A taunt and a chance to show off that she had spent her summer in Germany!

However, Draco wasn't about to be outdone in the summer-traveling arena. "Tik," he replied in Swedish, his tone cold.

The Slytherin argument was interrupted by a crash at the Gryffindor table. Colin Creevy ended up all but straddling Harry Potter, and the both of them would be flat on the floor if they hadn't crashed into Ron and sent him tumbling.

"This wouldn't happen if Colin would stop ghosting Harry," one student hissed to another, and got a nod of agreement in reply. Fred looked up from arranging his food in suggestive positions long enough to point out, "Looks like they're rutting!" George nodded and added mock-seriously, "Rather dissolute, if they can't even control themselves during dinner."

From his table, Draco drawled across the room, "Can't you keep your hands off each other, Potter? Some of us are trying to eat." Crabbe and Goyle, their mouths full of food, laughed.

Harry and Colin (and Ron) untangled themselves. "Camera okay, Colin?"

The boy ran careful fingers over its casing, clearing a bit of dust off the silver logo proclaiming it to be a Glide brand camera. "I think so." He kept his face down to hide his flush. Why did things like this always happen? He never wanted to embarrass Harry, especially not in front of everyone!

Ron grumbled and rubbed his lower back. "Landed on the base of my spine," but the smile from Harry somehow made the pain less, and he sat back down... only to jump as something small and furry brushed passed his ankle. Before Ron could glance under the table to see what it was, mewling gave it away as a kitten. The fuzzy little creature was headed in the direction of the Hufflepuff table, so perhaps it belonged to someone there.

Hermione hadn't missed Ron's reaction, and she looked down to see what caused it. "Oh no!" she moaned. "He's too small! He'll get stepped on!" She ducked under the table to rescue the baby cat, and once she had him in hand, walked over to the table the animal had been headed for. "Did someone lose him?" she asked.

Susan glanced at Hermione as she questioned them, then leaned over to whisper to the girl sitting next to her. "With some conditioning and a nice cream rinse, maybe her hair wouldn't be so bushy," her tone implied anything but helpfulness.

Zacharias leapt up as the kitten was offered. "That's Phantasmagorical!" A second later, and he was at Hermione's side, carefully taking the kitten from her. "Phantom, Phantom, I told you not to wander off!"

The Ravenclaws hadn't missed the Slytherin-Gryffindor bickering or the kitten rescue, but they were avoiding getting involved. Icecubes clinked softly in glasses, and when they spoke their voices were subdue in respect for those studying during the meal; most bellies were getting full by this point, and more note-reviewing than eating was being done.

Susan Bones wasn't finished with her critique of Hermione's hair yet. "Maybe if she added some sparkles or spangled to it? Some glitter?, that would only draw attention..." She didn't notice that her neighbor was no longer listening to her.

Two other people in the Great Hall were no longer listening to someone speaking to them: Crabbe and Goyle had returned their attention to eating, nodding now and then at random points as Draco addressed them. Goyle took the last of the fried rice, not caring that the bottom of the bowl was slick with grease. "Don't take it all," Crabbe grunted as he wiped his hand on his open robe and shirtfront. Goyle shoveled the rice into his grinning mouth. "Too late! I-" but he was silenced by a glare from Malfoy.

"As I was saying," Draco continued now that he had retaken their attention. "The plan is perfect! We'll leave them quivering in fear and crying to be saved!" Draco didn't spot how Blaise's eyebrows arched in disbelief at the plan, instead he shared more of his scheme. "We just need to wait until they're camped out during Care of Magical Creatures..." Nor did he notice when Blasie caught Adrian's eye and the two shared a knowing smirk, wordlessly agreeing how inexorable the littlest Malfoy could be once he got started on some plan to make Harry Potter look bad.

With the meal wrapping up, students were starting to exit in small groups. Though the words 'But he's your godfather!' followed by a hissed 'Shhhh!' gained the Gryffindor trio a couple of looks, no one kept Harry, Ron, and Hermione from leaving. Two other Gryffindors were stopped, however. Fred and George earned themselves a week of detention for charming the remains of their dinner into acting out pornographic movies, complete with sound effects, but they both agreed it had been worth it, if only for the looks on the first years' faces.



"Du bist nichts aber ein Kaetzchen, Draco!" was supposed to mean "You're nothing but a kitten, Draco!" Yeah, a sucky insult, but she she only visited for a summer, maybe she was trying to say something else?

"Tik" is "bitch" in Swedish.
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