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Fruit Basket and cats' places in religion

(The first part is muchly about anime, but in the third paragraph it wanders off into the land of cat-hating gods and men.)

Funny how you can fall in love with a series so quickly. Though the version of Fruit Basket I have is dubbed (which is usually enough to keep me from watching something) I loved it. I even love the dubbed voices!

Unfortunately I have only the first 12 of the 24 (26?) eps. I looked into buying the rest, but man! $30 for a 4 ep CD? That's insane! ...or I could get it on eBay. Hello land of Hong Kong bootlegs! Blech, no thanks! Luckily it looks as if anime-4ever might be getting the rest BTed at some point.

Since these are .ogm files, I have to watch them on one of my lesser players... this is too bad as I totally love Kyo (the cat boy). I wish I could make some screenshots so I could whip up an icon or two.

Another reason I love Fruit Basket is the backstory -- about the cat being left out. One of my favorite books is The Cat Who Went to Heaven. I was obsessed with this story when I was a kid: It tells the tale of why no cat will never go to heaven (because long ago one was too independent to pay homage to Buddha), and a painter who had to choose between doing what he's ordered to do and the love for his pet cat (letting her die happily). It's partially responsible for my current feelings towards religion -- it made me question a lot of things... but it made me really sad about humanity in general, too. (How could anyone make someone act against the best interests of their beloved pet? How could a religion ask that of someone? And how in the world could a religion claim that (if there is a heaven at all) that the animals we love won't be there? Do these people not understand how much someone can love a pet? That it could be just as strong as the love you feel for another human?)

So anyway, I got that connection with the Fruit Basket cat character right off the bat: BOOM! My heart went out to him. (The anime explained that back when the world was new, Rat tricked Cat and told him the wrong day for God's big party, thus Cat missed out and will never become a member of the Chinese zodiac.) The main characters/family in Fruit Basket are cursed to turn into the animals from the zodiac, so of course the guy who turns into a cat is always left out and angsts left and right.

If you're interested in the first 12 eps, leave a comment and I'll try to hunt down the BT link again. Both the anime series and The Cat Who Went to Heaven are muchly recommended! The anime had me giggling through very ep (all three that I've seen so far) and the book made me cry lots.
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