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Fruits Basket: Akito (A)

Oh my, oh my, oh my. He certainly is quite yummily evil! (Yummily? Yummyly?) While I'm always wrong when I try to guess which animals the boys are, I bet he's the snake... and if he's not, then he should be! (How better to torture Yuki than to have them both transform? Mmm.)

13 is my first subbed ep, and it's just reinforcing how much I hate the Japanese voices. Tohru sounds like a little girl/cartoonish, instead of a young lady who has gotten herself through some really tough times. Yuki is the very worst though. luminata, you were right about him -- he sounds nothing like a boy at all.

Akito though... what a character! They really should not have used the line where he threatens to "educate" Yuki, because now the fangirl inside me is screaming and twirling in circles as she envisions all sorts of ways he could be "educating" (torturing! Ha!) the other boys! Mmmmmmmm.

Wow, I love this series! I bet there's tons of slash out there based on it...

Edit: Ha! See, of course I was wrong. He's not the snake. *pouts* Oh well. (And the quality of these eps fell off sharply. 1-12 were perfect, 13 was fine, but 14 is sad -- like an old, poor VCR tape or something. Oh well!)
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