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Elitist MUSHes

It's funny when someone uses a word and intends it as an insult, but it is taken as a compliment. My MUSH has tight application standards. We like to say that we offer the best RP out there, regardless of theme (since our theme is Pokemon, people tend to think the MUSH is full of kids and crappy RP).

Before my MUSH, I played on GarouMUSH, which also got called elitist a lot. I think (well, I know) that we have an even tighter application process than Garou did, and we monitor RP closer once people do get on the MUSH. We're more elitist than the most elite MUSH I had ever known. Some people would call that a bad thing, I think it's a darned good thing.

What brought this up was an email sent to our app box today. One of the things the person said was:

...Working to prevent *twinks* is one thing, making your game
almost impossible for the average player to get accepted into is

But the thing is, that's the point. We don't want "average" players on the MUSH. We want (and get) the best of the best.

I'm not too often proud of myself for things, but I think my reply to this person's email was a good one. While I wanted to scream and shout and shake the person back and forth till he understood, I calmly replied point by point to his email. I'm not sure if he's going to really read it, or be willing to think about it, but if he does then maybe he'll understand that there's a place for "elitist MUSHes", just like there is a place for a four-star restaurant in a world full of McDonalds.


A few replies to your comments:

You said:
When I came upon your website I was very impressed with the
attention to detail, and the realistic environment that the
programer and staffers had created for the MUSH. I was
overjoyed, FINALLY a Pokemon MUSH that looked enjoyable.

Indeed. The "'Elitist' policy" you are so shocked about
goes hand in hand with a quality MUSH. We offer the best MUSH
out there to the best RPers out there.

You said:
The application process is so strict that when I wrote up my
application I first had it proofread by a collage graduate with
a minor in the English language, and a friend who writes short
stories successfully for a living. Both of these people
corrected and posable mistakes and gave the go ahead to send my
application in.

This was wrong of you. The application process is to see what
*you* can do, not you and a team of people. You have to be able
to pass using your skills and your skills alone. (When you're
RPing, those other people won't be standing over your shoulders
and correcting your poses, right?)

You said:
But as you may have already guessed it was sent back, rejected
on the grounds of 'Holes in the plot and Grammatical and
spelling problems.' This was startling, I am not saying that it
had no errors, it may have.

Yes, it did (as did this email I am replying to now). However,
very few people make it through the application process on the
first try. Someone applies, we review it and tell them where
they need work, then they reapply. This is the norm.

You said:
What upset me the most is the fact that many of the people who
are interested in this MUSH are younger players.

That's fine, younger players can be interested all they want.
*However*, this is not a MUSH for kids. We do have some
"young players" on the MUSH, but they are able to write
and RP in a mature way. PokeMUSH offers the best MUSH and the
best RP, and we can do that because of the standards we set and

You said:
...Working to prevent *twinks* is one thing, making your game
almost impossible for the average player to get accepted into is

Yes, the average player cannot get onto the MUSH. This is on
purpose. We cannot offer the best RP if we're offering average
RP. There are MUSHes out there with no standards at all -- they
let anyone and everyone on. The RP tends to suck on those
MUSHes. There are MUSHes out there with low standards -- they
let most everyone on. The RP tends to be low quality on those.
And then there are "elitist" MUSHes, ones where not
everyone and anyone can get through the application process. And
know what? The RP tends to be the best on those MUSHes.

MUSHes are like restaurants; some people like eating at
McDonalds, some people like eating at a TGI Fridays-type place,
and some people want a four-star dining experience. There are
different markets for all sorts of things, MUSHes included.

You said:
I will not be reapplying to this mush, and the opinion that I
have stated here will be posted in abbreviated form on MUSH
review lists.

It is your right not to reapply, and it is your right to hold
whatever opinion you wish. However, keep in mind that
"elitist" MUSHes have just as much of a reason for
existing as some mud that lets anyone who can eventually
correctly type 'connect' on: Our players come to us because we
offer the best, most detailed, realistic RP experience out
there. However, to enjoy that, you have to *give* your best as
well. No, that's not what everyone wants to do on a MUSH, but
our members are people who wish to.

Is this fair? Our players think so. People who are rejected
tend not to think so. Fair or not, it's what we as a staff
*have* to do; if we lower our standards then the quality of the
MUSH and RP will fall, and we will be robbing the people who
already put in the work and made it through the application

Good luck in finding a MUSH that's both fun and a right for you.
That's a personal journey, and often one will come across a few
ill-fitting MUSHes before finding the right one for them.

(Sig and such cut.)
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