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Eee eee eee! *bounce bounce!*

I know this will sound silly, but I had no idea that Japanese TV had seasons like ours does! And that SPRING was when they came out with new shows! New new new! More stuff to watch and love!

29 new anime series! *falls over twitching* Eeee! And think how many of those will probably be good! I have a list of all of them, most of them with links to official pages. (Note: I didn't compile this list, nor did I write the comments next to the links. I'm borrowing it from elsewhere, so don't give me credit/blame for the opinions!)

2004/04 Magic Girl Party - Not going to bother with this one.

2004/04 Samurai Champloo - Yaey? Hopefully. I've never been that big of a fan of Samurai shows, but I enjoyed Cowboy Bebop enough that I'll give this one a look-see.

2004/04 Gantz - Based off the manga of the same name. Supposedly extremely violent. By Gonzo!!!11

2004/04/01 This Ugly and Beautiful World - Looks pretty angsty to me. Will wait for initial impressions.

2004/04/01 Tenjou Tenge - No clue. No link.

2004/04/01 Koi Kaze - No clue. Schoolgirl.

2004/04/02 Go Danner 2nd Season - (>-_-)>

2004/04/03 Love Baby - PEDOOOO

2004/04/03 Kyou kara Mao! - Looks like Saiyuki meets CLAMP.

2004/04/03 DAN DOH!! - Uh... Bobsledding? ?!!?!?!?!

2004/04/03 Keroro Gunso - Keroppi and Friends. AND GUNS.

2004/04/04 Hanaukyo Maids La Verite - Hmmm. Maid.

2004/04/04 Midori's Day - No idea.

2004/04/04 Sensei no Ojikan - So, so Pedo. Not touching this one with a 30 foot pole.

2004/04/04 Zukkoke - Kid's show. Schoolboys. Hmmm.

2004/04/04 Legendz - Tale of the dragon kings - No idea. Looks like CG, kind of.

2004/04/05 Get Ride! AM-Driver - Robo-suit. Crazy dude. Will give it a peek.

2004/04/05 MADLAX - "From the creators of .hack and Noir." DISQUALIFIED.

2004/04/06 Ragnarok The Animation - Based off of the popular MMORPG.

2004/04/06 Monster - Not sure. Looks like detective style, will probably be very interesting.

2004/04/06 Ultra Q - Dark Fantasy - No link.

2004/04/06 The Melody of Oblivion - Looks futuristic, with some hot rigs. Checking it out.

2004/04/06 Bakuretsu Tenshi (Exploding Angel) - GIRLS x GUNS x 3DCG Mecha Tokyo Western! *boner*

2004/04/07 Tetsujin 28 - Remake of Gigantor. Some elements cross over with Giant Robo.

2004/04/11 Petit Cosette - ?! This one's got me worried.

2004/04/12 Panda Z - The Robonimation - Semi-parody of Mazinger Z, with giant panda robots.

2004/04/12 Pugyuru - Harem, maybe.

2004/04/17 Initial D The Fourth Stage - Says it all right there.

2004/04/18 Jagainukun - Potato dog. *seizure*

I can't hardly imagine so many new things to watch! We need more fansubbing groups! Eee!
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