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Going to the doctor, anime foo

I had my first doctor appointment today. Apparently the ER hadn't sent them my records so they had no idea why I was coming in -- that's why I got saw today instead of right away. Gah! Well, once she knew that we swung right into action!

She was a really nice doctor (with seriously cold hands! Poor woman must have been freezing). She said I was doing "everything right" when it came to diet/exercise (yay!). I mentioned Atkins just in passing, and it sent her into ranting and raving mode. Hee! She said if anyone, anyone came into her office on "that thing", she'd order them to get off it right away. She said "people may lose weight fast now, but in one year, five years, ten years they'll have major medical problems or more likely be dead!". I like how that woman thinks. We agreed that /moderation/ was the key to losing weight and staying healthy.

Get this: She offered me the services of a dietitian. I'm not really sure what I'd do with one, so I probably won't take the offer, but from what I've heard it's hard to beat a recommendation out of a doctor to visit one and she just offered it!

The only thing she wasn't happy about was that I was way overdue to see the "girl doctor". Heh. She said she's going to get me to go to one by hook or by crook. (I really liked her: she was very mother-ish. Not mean about it at all, but "it's for your own good"-ish.)

I can't eat anything from now until tomorrow morning, after I get bloodwork done and another EKG. It's just a walk-in clinic with no real appointments, so I hope it doesn't take all day!

I have only one drug to take for now, something to lower blood pressure. I'm only borderline, but with the chest pains I had had, she said it would be better to take it.

On Monday she and I will talk about the bloodwork results, then go from there.

Spoiler space!

PeaceMaker Kurogane (minor spoilers) coming up!

Eh... It was a good ep, but something about it left me feeling unsatisfied. I'm not overly happy that Tetsu... (what's his name. Suzu's master), but I guess the writers made enough excuses explained it well enough.

Poor, poor Suzu. I hope he gets some sort of resolution in the last ep (and that he doesn't get "some sort of" dead).

Spoiler space!

Naruto (minor spoilers) coming up!

(Spoiler space between each item -- behind the cuts.)

I liked the ep, but there has been so much fighting lately! I'm really ready for some character development or filler eps or something else.

Young Gaara looks highly cute!

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