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Dead Thistle Walkin'!

Zzzzzzz. Either my new drug has something in it that kept me up all night, or I have some sort of mental issue going. I got well under a single hour of sleep last night. If I got 15 minutes of sleep, I would be really surprised.

Gods, do I feel dead now.

For the first time ever, I almost quit in the middle of my walk. It was a miserable experience -- I felt exhausted and everything hurt (even my back, which never does!). But that would be a really bad trend to start, so I stuck with it and finished it.

Then I went to the lab and had to have blood drawn. A lot of it. Like ten vials! (Because of the whole vegetarian thing, the doctor wanted to check everything, not just heart foo.) I'll be glad to know the outcome of the tests, but I feel even worse now.

Work's crazy as well, which does not help at all. At least this is the last day of my two weeks of hell being alone here. Stupid co-worker comes back on Monday.

Very, very tired.
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