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Peeps chasing the gays away

(Two topics made into one action-packed subject line!)


Don't laugh at me, but I never had one of those Easter marshmallow Peeps before. My mother was pretty anti-candy when I was growing up, and once I was old enough to buy my own stuff, I never saw the point of them. However, yesterday I was stuck in a store waiting for them to fill my prescription, so I wandered through the Easter section. There on the shelf they were, so bright yellow and perky looking!

"Hm," I hm'ed as I took in their cuteness. "I can microwave them and burn them and do the other funny stuff that people on the Internet do with them!" Pause, moment passes. "Hey, or maybe I could try eating one and see what they're like!"

So with box in hand, I trotted home. Not feeling much in the mood for dinner, I tried them instead. (Note: This was a really bad decision, as I had to do a pre-bloodwork fast starting after dinner. I should have eaten dinner.)

I was rather surprised at how "bad" they were. Sugar covered sugar! Wow! I didn't like the taste much or that they were covered with sugar, but they were so bright and happy looking! I had so much fun biting them in half that I ended up eating one of the three boxes in the pack. I still didn't like them at that point, so I threw the other two boxes out.

Hm, I feel so sacrilegious now. People seem to love those things! But personally I'd rather have my sugar calories in something yummy like chocolate, not marshmallows (mostly sugar, yes?) rolled in more sugar.

But it sure was fun biting those sunny little chicks into bits!

At least they're not terribly high in calories, for candy. 160 for one box, or about 5 (6? 7?) Peeps.

Chasing the gays away:

Tennessee, land of the free and bane of the gays, has backed away from their plans to chase gays out with shotguns. The adults, after hearing all the backlash, announced "Hey! We didn't mean we don't want gays here! Just same sex marriages! Honest dirty blanket-squatting mongrel thieve-- eh, honest injun!"

But of course the kids give away what they hear at home. Quote:

But 12-year-old Caitlin Kinney, attending the meeting with her mother, said she supported the commissioners' initial vote.

"I think they should go further, try to see if they can ban them," she said. "It's not a Christian thing."

Yes, because it's a "Christian thing" to spread hate. I hear you, little girl. We all do.
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