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It's educational? I suppose if you're a young witch...

Without a car, I'm stuck here at home. It's not so bad, really. A watched the first four eps of Infinite Ryvius (loving it), took a walk in the rain (though I'm sick, it was a very nice walk), and now I'm watching TV.

TV announcer: "The following is an educational program, part of our minimum hour requirment..." blah, blah, blah. As some trailer trash afternoon talk show was on before this, I was curious as to how the station could handle such a full swing: From utter crap to something educational.

Cue themesong! It's Sabrina's Secret Life! An animated show based on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. That's educational? Buh?

I'm ignoring the awful animation long enough to try to watch it and look for anything educational. Sabrina is doing spells, trying to give her two aunts a "good hair day". Seriously...

Ha! They play "broomstick volleyball", but the ball is only as big as their hand. Looks a lot like Quidditch. Now they're making voodoo dolls so they can sneak out to some party.

I'm really, really curious how they can get away with calling this educational...

(Car will supposedly be done at 4, and will cost $400. Ouch. It needs a new oxygen sensor and its computer reprogrammed. Can't wait to get it back! Want some hot soup. Throat hurts lots.)
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