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Flame Of Recca? (A)

I downloaded Flame Of Recca when I did my last "download random series looking for something interesting to watch", but I didn't get around to checking it out until today.

Did anyone like it? Watch it through to the end? Is it worth it? I watched about 10 minutes of the first ep, and I'm seriously "eh" about it. I know that's not a fair chance for the series, but... The animation is really blah and looks old, and so along with a story that isn't grabbing me, that's a pretty big hit against it.

There is one good/odd thing about Flame Of Recca: Years ago, before I was into anime and back when Napster was in its best days, I downloaded and watched at least the first ep. I knew I had downloaded and watched, what's it called. Ranma? The one where the boy turns into a girl when someone throws water onto him. I remember watching that one, but I totally forgot I saw Flame Of Recca as well.

Bit Torrent is nice, but nothing will ever be as great as Napster was. Plus I was working at a company where they didn't care what you did or what you downloaded, so I had the company's fat T3 line to play with. Of course, that was back when Internet companies didn't need to actually make money, either... Gods, I miss those days. I had one of the best jobs of my life during that time, and at a company I loved. Now I have the opposite. Bah. :p

We miss you, Napster! Healthy Silicon Valley! Internet company haydays!
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