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Three stores, one hour, no love (Or: my quest for FF XI.)

Ever since it came out, I've wanted Final Fantasy XI. I've resisted though, all through the months it's been out. Finally, after starting my second week of watching live feed of the game through the official site, I gave in. I decided to get it! Yay!

Or so I thought.

I have an hour long lunch, plenty of time to run out and buy something! I started at Fry's. (Their motto: 'You'll never come back', you say? We'll see you next time!) Somehow, in their giant game department, they didn't have it. That or none of the employees spoke enough English to understand my request. Bah! Grrr! I'll never go back to Fry's again!

With still 40 minutes remaining, I decided to hit Toy's R Us. 'Toys' is in their name! Games are a toy! How could they not have it? So in I trotted, and after wandering around the game section and not finding it, I went to ask one of the clerks. He spoke English, of that I'm sure! How did I know? He was on the phone for *ten minutes* while I waited for him! Grrr.

With two strikes and only about 20 minutes left of my lunchtime, I headed back to work. Then I saw it. Target! Target has everything! How could it not have this one game that's not even all that new? It shouldn't be sold out? ...hey, wow, the road into their parking lot is closed for construction! How strange! How annoying! I parked in a different lot than the one I'm used to, and went in. Eventually I found where I needed to look. No game.


The only good thing about this whole deal is that Target sells popcorn, so I now have some sweet, sweet salty love sitting next to me on the desk.

So I ended up doing what I should have done to begin with: Bought it on line. I would have gotten overnight delivery if it was an option (which I've never, ever used before). It *should* be here on Friday. It better be!

...Back to reading game FAQs...
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