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Spring clean-up (Defriending, etc.)

Between last night and this morning, I've defriended about 20 folks. (All of the 20 are people who never friended me back, so if you're reading this on your flist page, it wasn't you!)

I've left about five communities as well, including the unfunny and spammy-as-hell metaquotes (nothing like a dozen posts an hour, all of them crap!). I suppose that's what happens when a community gets well over a thousand members and everyone can post. Bah. The other four were writing communities (I join with every intent to read everything and write for every challenge, then within a week stop writing, and within another week don't read a single thing.)

I left all RPG communities except small_room_rp (need my Kiba and Gaara and snarky-neko love!).

What's with all the cleanup? Prep work for FF XI. (How the heck are you supposed to write the name of the game? FF XI? FF11? FFo? Sheesh.) Anyway, I've been looking for a game like FFX forever, and I suspect FF 11 might be it. Looks so cool, so pretty! Plus you can actually interact with real people! I'm hoping/worried that I'll be playing it non-stop, so I'm cutting back my LJ flist to reduce the time it'll take for me to keep up-to-date on it.

Though I haven't totally decided on a name yet, this is what I'll look like. My first thought was to do something Thistle-Chaser-ish for my name, but I'm sure all the variants of that that I use will be taken. I'd try Chaser_of_Thistles, but that might be too long. (Need to see if I can find the limit on name lengths somewhere. Oh, and print out some FAQs here at work! I noticed (at least on the demo) that you can't switch out of full screen mode.)

Little more FFo babble: I downloaded the benchmark/demo last night. (You run the benchmark to make sure you have enough system resources and to see what level of display you can get.) Though I well exceed even their recommended resources (not minimum resources), I still get slight choppiness in the animation on the high resolution. It's not awful, it's just noticeable. (I'd like it to be perfect, darned it all!) The benchmark was full of those little... um... the little guy race. I never thought they were cute until I saw them dancing and clapping and singing and waving to me! And eee! Them riding on chocobos! So cute!

Eee, I'm so excited! I wish I could start now!
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