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Hi everyone!

I'm bored, so I guess I could post, right? How about we talk about food, weight, and walking? Always fun..? (Boooo!)

Let's see, where to start. Two weeks ago I bought a scale. I had a one before it (because every bathroom should have a scale, right?), but it didn't work. It hadn't worked for like two or three years, but with that whole every-bathroom-needs-a-scale rule, I couldn't throw it out.

Well, I decided I needed a working one! Of course the first thing I did once it arrived was hop onto it. Next thing I did was cry! (Okay, not really.) Now, I know you really should weigh yourself only once a week (especially women with their water-weight changes), but I've been bad about that. However, once a week I take an "official weight", which is the only one that counts.

Second one was today. Lost three pounds. Lost three pounds the week before, too. Six pounds in two weeks is not bad at all! I'm really curious what will happen with my new sugar-phobia, too.

On the sugar thing: I really don't understand it, this never ever happened before, but I'm not craving it at all. Monday afternoon was my last "sweet" thing, and I've not had a drop of candy, cookie, chocolate, or anything like that since then. And I don't miss it! How very odd is that? In the past when I tried to stop eating crap because of this diet or that one, I clawed my way up walls and cheated within days. How in the world is it that I don't care if I ever have another sweet thing again? (We had free ice cream here at work today, and I didn't even bat an eyelash, even when someone asked me to go get some with them. I just said 'no thanks, I'm going to pass' and that was that!)

Walking is... okay. I wonder if I'm doing myself a disservice by walking (or attempting to walk) twice in a day? Here's how most weeks go:

Monday & Tuesday: Walk morning and night.
Wednesday: Be hurting, do the morning walk. By night, too ache-y to walk, so skip it.
Thursday morning: Still ow-ey, skip. Walk Thursday night.
Friday: Walk in the morning, get take-out dinner at night so a planned/OK skip.

On top of the skips, I just feel better while walking when I only do it once a day. However, my walks are still "short" (short for normal people/other people, long for me!), so two a day would be much better... I've not made any increases in time or distance in two weeks or more (bad bad bad!)

So help me, smart people! Give me all the answers! Let me suck your brains right out of your head!
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