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The Eagle Has Landed!

FedEx's site reports my package is currently sitting on my doorstep! Assuming no one walks away with it (hopefully not! I have a fence around my little area), I should be online tonight!


For loneguardian: Even though I'm going to be human, I'm going to start out in San d'Oria. Even though I won't get that starter-ring thing, I know lots of people there so it should be a good trade-off. (Eee!) I figured you're high enough level that you're probably not anywhere near the starting point anyway, so maybe we'll eventually meet up somewhere else and say hi? :)

Man, I can't wait! Hee! I'm still trying to think of names though! Since I'm told shorter is better, I'd go for Thistle, but I bet that's been taken already. Thiee, Thisell, ThisOrThat... Eee!

Just an hour till I can leave work! I bet I'll be online within two hours! (I know/think/heard patches will need to be downloaded, donno how long that'll take.)

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