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kirbyk or anyone: Midgardsormr Worldpass Not Working

After four and a half hours of waiting, I finally got online and started making a character. I got stuck at the worldpass window. I typed it seven or eight times, but it's coming up as invalid. kirbyk, can you check if this is really right? 3874075937

If anyone else reads this and has one I can use, I'll pay you back the gil when I get enough. (No idea how long that would take, sorry.) I'd like to get online tonight if possible. Edit: Kirby's working on it, no need for anyone else to buy one. Thanks anyway!

So close, and yet so far...


Edit: Well, now I went and messed EVERYTHING up. Someone on one of the FFXI LJ groups talked about making new characters and starting over to try to get onto the server they wanted. I actually got the name Thistle! ...but I ended up on Quetzelacoatl server... And as far as I could tell, there was no way to stop things once you picked a name.

So if I delete the character and try again, will the name become free once more? Or will it be held in case I ever want to un-delete it? Bah. Suppose I could try and find out. ... deleted!
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