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A morning of excitement, adventure, fear, and big honking monsters!

Eee, this is so much fun! Well, lots of fun when I'm not shaking in my boots, anyway! I couldn't sleep much, so I got up early (6:30! On a weekend!) and came to play a while. Four and a half hours later, my hand/arm hurts quite a bit so I'm taking a short break. (Food would be good, too!) But oh, the excitement and lost-ness I've experienced so far!

So once I found my way out of the city, I set about to happily killing wild rabbits and tunnel worms. Even though I'm hitting for about a quarter of the damage that other people (warriors!) my level hit for, I don't mind! Kill, run back home and heal, kill, run home, kill, etc.

(Oh, I figured out a flaw in my heal-everyone plan! I hadn't taken into account MP! While level one, I could only do two Cures and then ran out of MP, so bah! I haven't healed almost anyone lately.)

After about an hour, I leveled up to all of level two! (Yay? Hee, eee!) But then IT happened:

Though I often run back home to heal, somehow I got lost. Very very lost. Then I got more lost and more lost and more lost! EEEK. Just being lost wouldn't be the end of the world, but there were GIANT monsters around! Orks and goblins (which might not be so big, but I remembered hearing about how they chase people!), and big bugs and wild sheep! (Okay, maybe the sheep might not have been so bad, but they were big!) I think in my avoiding the monsters I got myself even more lost.

Eventually Russet logged on, and helped me get straightened out. (I hadn't realized the map was interactive and you could move the view on it.) A couple hours after getting lost, I got back home. WHEW! Now, while I didn't do any leveling up during this time, neither did I die! (I was sure something big was going to stomp little level two white mage me.)

Now I'm very careful to keep the castle in view. Problem is, I've gone up one more level (three now) and so wild rabbits and tunnel worms aren't much of a problem/don't give much XP. I might have to venture further out!

And one rather "fun" encounter: As I was finishing up stomping the guts out of a bunny, this guy ran by... chased by some massive ork (or orc? I forget) thing! EEEEK! I tried to get out of sight, but it left him and started chasing ME! Eeek! So I ran as fast as I could (with the idiot who it had been chasing right in front of me) and made it back just in time. Stupid ork thing even entered the "tunnel" into the city, it wasn't until the new scene/area loaded that it was really gone!

Whew! I can't believe how exciting and scary this is! (For those who don't play: Dying costs you a lot of XP and potentially a whole level. Hours of work.) I'm loving it though! I need to do something with my arm/keyboard/something, using the arrows on the number pad to move is killing my arm/hand.

I'm feeling kind of yucky, so I might go and take a shower. Maybe find some food, too. (Problem is, as the day goes on more and more people are logging on. It's harder to find rabbits and worms to fight!)

Bonus screenshot: Be werry, werry quiet! I'm huntin' wabbits! The rabbit hit me and I hit it at the same time, making pretty colors! Sorry it's a little dark, it was nighttime. (I need to look at the file system and figure out how to make it save larger pictures...)
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