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Four pounds, four days, no waiting!

Food, dream, FFXI -- in that order.

* Okay, this might not count as "good", but I'm not unhappy about it. On 4/1 I posted that I lost six pounds in two weeks. Since then (four days later) I've lost four more pounds! I'd say it was odd, but it ties into something else:

Know how I never remember/want to eat during the weekend? Well, this weekend I only had two meals total! (Heh.) I didn't skip eating on purpose, it's more like if I don't force myself to make food on the weekend then I just don't eat, and the new game kept me nicely distracted! Both Saturday and Sunday, it wasn't until it hit 3 or 4 PM and my hands started shaking that I decided I should eat.

So after eating so little on the weekend, I made time this morning to stop and get food (instead of having just fruit for breakfast, which is what I usually do on weekends), but strangely: I'm not hungry. I really should be ready to eat my desk, but I have a banana and a protein bar, and I don't feel like eating either. (Might be because I took a longer than usual walk this morning -- it was just so nice out!)

* I had a really realistic dream last night: Every time I did a load of dishes in the dishwasher, I put my cat in as well. Eeek! Can you imagine how much a cat would hate that? Also, I had two parakeets and a bunch of hamsters. The parakeets were so colorful! And at first I thought they were biting me, but then I realized it was soft and they were probably just trying to "clean my feathers" or something. The hamsters were so cute and soft! Like little handfuls of fur.

* Last, FFXI: Though there's no RP/IC at all, I have a whole backstory made up for my character. However, I also have screenshots to go with the story, and since I forgot to upload them, I can't write up the story yet. Later today or maybe tonight I will!

I'm rereading FAQs and helpsites. It's amazing how much more you can take in once you have a little knowledge. I was struggling all weekend to make macros (I know how to make them, just not where!), but one of the guides said there's an arrow to expand that upper right hand menu. I never saw an arrow! I have to look tonight.

Oh! I logged on last night, after I said I wasn't going to for the rest of the night. (I had an hour and a half before bed, usually I'd watch TV, but nothing good was on. So why not log into the game? It wasn't like I skipped other things I had to do.) Alas, I shouldn't have! Very first battle: Dead! Gah. Sigh. 100 XP lost. I went back out and killed four other things, but I don't think I made the full 100 up. My heart wasn't in leveling up, so I went back into town and did some non-battling quest stuff. Found some kid's father, and I'm trying to pass out flyers (heh!).

Can't wait to play tonight! Though, to be honest, being at work is sort of a nice break. Generally, nothing tries to kill me here!

(Gah, okay, someone just cooked something that smells really, really good. NOW I'm hungry! *gnaw*)
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