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FMA 26, anime

I had been wondering how I was going to keep up with my anime-watching, but if I watch an ep instead of junk TV over my lunchtime, I'll be able to keep up with my favorite series and a couple of new ones.

Things I liked:

* The video that showed during the opening song.
* The automail girl was sort of cute.
* There was a great new song I hadn't heard in the series before. Sounded a little like chanting. Loved it. (I think it was played during the chase scene?)
* The Winry/automail girl vibes. (I'm not usually into f/f, but that was pretty nice.)

Things I didn't like:

* The opening song itself.
* WTF? A filler ep? After 25? Are they smoking crack? Why now?
* A filler ep? After 25? WTF? Why now? Are they smoking crack?
* Too much Winry. She's semi-cute but mostly annoying. Too much focus on her. No more eps with her as a lead role, please. Thanks!
* The closing song. Just listened to a moment of it. As I skimmed through it, noticed lots and lots of Winry. I hope she's not going to stick with them and become a main character...

Really though, the whole ep seemed to be a waste. Filler. Just tiding us over till next week. The bits with Mustang were kind of good, but... too little in this ep.

What's her name, the book-girl, I liked her (tiny) role a lot. Mustang though, mmm. Both very interesting and quite yummy! I'd really like to see more of him. Lots more.

I really need to replace a ton of my icons, like 40 of the 50 of them. So bored with them! Need to make new ones.
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