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Captain's log, stardate... whatever (FFXI)

Whatever night we're on, I forget. Uneventful night. Took 3-ish hours to make 2,000+ XP and level up (9 now). Took nearly as many hours to run around and do crap for NPCs (got a couple jobs done). Used the AH for the first time and bought my tunic. (A normal one was about 2,000 gil, but one with +1 defense was 4,000-6,000. 6,000 was about all I had, and I didn't know if +1 was worth that much more cost (I suspected not), so I went with the normal one.)

I didn't die once! (Woo!) I'm killing goblins without much trouble now! (YAY!) At least outside the city, things were dead quiet tonight. Donno why. I leveled for nearly an hour without seeing one person, and outside that there was usually only one other person around. I had thought I'd like quiet nights better, but I think I like more active ones. (More people for me to heal/protect, and more to come and help if I get into trouble.)

Not much exciting happened, so just a few screenshots tonight.

Oh, I did get a shield! Here I am with shield, weapon, and robe (old outfit). Front, side, back (like this one best). All of those images are cropped, so they're smaller than most screenshots. New outfit, my tunic: Front and side with shield. (Those are cropped as well.) I like how the robe looks better, but I suppose sooner or later I'll level up to whatever the next armor is. (I should look that up.)

My new spells aren't overly handy (remove paralyze and remove poison). My desk is a mess and my WHM FAQ appears to be lost, so I'll have to look up which spells come next. Hopefully useful things.

A few more screenshots! These were beautiful ones!

While healing/recovering/resting, I watched the moon rise. You can actually watch it rise! It's so cool.

Sunset by the port area.

And my favorite of the night, another sunrise. Pretty colors! Rainbow reflection!

I hope it rains sooner or later, I'd like to see what that's like.
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