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Go to the doctor to stay well, but going makes you sick, so you have to go again!

I've got them all figured out. I never got sick*, not in about three years... then I go to the doctor and BAM! I'm sick. Barely get healthy, go to the doctor's office again, and BAM! Sick as a damned dog again. To hell with this! (*I mean sick-sick, not sick from eating something that didn't agree with me, or PMS, or something like that.)

I got about two hours of sleep last night. Spent the time from midnight to 3 AM coughing non-stop, then after that my throat was on fire (understandably!) and so the pain and continuing cough kept me awake. (I tried not to cough, but being in a horizontal position made fluids pool where no fluids should (HELLO LUNGS! HELLO SINUSES! HELLO THROAT!) and that made me cough more.) I feel like crappy crap crapolia this morning.

Add on top of that that I'm alone at work today, and I'm not a happy puppy.


In other (better) news, I figured out how to register the FFXI expansion pack. I had installed it when installing everything else, but it never asked me for the registration number so I was really confused and semi-worried. Turns out I have to go in and do it through some menu. (RTFM, Thistle!)

Leveling up is not nearly so boring when you turn off the game's sound and let the TV play in the background. On easy things, you don't even have to hardly watch the fight happening at all (though I keep an eye on it in case some stupid goblin comes up behind me).

Looking forward to tonight. I don't have any in-city NPC jobs crying out to be done, so I can go straight out and fight! Since I leveled up last night and I have buff new "armor" (girly robes! Ha!), I might see about taking on tougher things. I'd like to try an orc, but I'm worried if I fight one more will come and swarm me. I'd like to head back to that tomb Russet and I went to, too.

So much to do! Too much work to wait through before I can log on and do it! :)
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