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Very egg-citing! And yes, you look good in that hat!

(I try to make my FFXI posts enjoyable to both non-players as well as players, but this one won't make too much sense unless you play. Sorry!)

I've done a 180 from last night: I no longer hate this egg quest thing. In fact, I totally love it!

Earlier this morning I decided to sell off my eggs instead of trying to make the super combos, so when I went home for lunch I stuck them into my bazaar and walked to the most active/spammy egg place. Even before I got there, three of the twelve sold! (For 1K gil each! WOO!) Once I arrived, more sold. Before I had to return to work (about 20 minutes total), every one of my eggs sold! WOO! 12,000 gil in minutes! I didn't even have to stay logged on when I left home, I just logged right off.

So now we have something to ponder: One egg per hour, and (if prices remain the same) about 1K gil per egg. That's a hell of a lot more than I can make by killing things! (I get 3-7 gil per orc/goblin kill. Once as high as 15. No money off any other monsters. And if I get a crystal? They're really worthless, too. 12-35-ish gil each.) My best bet is to just stay in town and buy/sell eggs hourly... problem is, that's zero fun... BUT with that much money I could fish more! Heck, I can fish while waiting for the hour to turn over. (Hm, that's a thought.)

I don't think I can pass up this good egg money. Other than gifts from established players, I never see this sort of income! I can't pass up on it, even though I wanted to party and try to level up. (I almost hope that in the days until the 13th that the prices will stop dropping, but... all that money!)

OH OH OH! And I saw a guy with the coolest hat-thing! I was too impressed to even make a screenshot. He had a sabertooth tiger's "head" on his! Its fur was nearly black too, so it looked soooo cool! Oh, I want it! It had giant fangs on either side of his face! I bet it must be something rare, because I never saw one before... (Dollars to donuts, I couldn't equip the darned thing even if I owned one, but I can still wish for it!)
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