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Sad Kitten Dream & Real Life Cats

In my dream I had some kittens. Tiny little baby kittens, maybe 7-10 days old. (Smaller than the palm of my hand, fluffy little fur, eyes still closed.) For some reason, Little Miss Chicken-Eating Kitty was a tiny baby kitten as well.

So I had three of these baby kittens and no milk. I think their mother was dead or something. I went to the store, but of course they had no milk for kittens. I felt so bad, these poor little babies were going to die because I couldn't find any milk. Finally I bought dry cat (kitten-type) food and soaked it in water, trying to make it soft enough for them to suck down (they had no teeth). They drank the water I soaked it in, but I knew they were going to die because kittens that small need milk. :(

(The end.)

Years ago, I used to raise orphaned baby kittens (I worked for an animal shelter). Though it was hard, it was also one of the best things I ever did. Nothing like having to wake up every three hours all night long to nurse kittens and wipe their little bottoms (they don't poop on their own, usually the mother licks them to make them go).

A lot of the babies died (slowly), which was a seriously sad thing for me, but some of the litters made it. I envy the families who got those kittens; a bottle-raised cat must be the most people-friendly cat in the world.

Oh, I so want another cat. It's a little tricky bringing a new one into the family, since mine doesn't get vaccinated anymore (since that caused her cancer and all)...

Cats are the best.
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