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FFXI: Inside look at higher up foo

When I mentioned I liked reading posts about FFXI, a friend gave me a link to teffie's LJ. There aren't many posts in it (unfortunately), but most of the ones that are there are pretty interesting. This one especially. It makes sense that Japanese players would hold the most power on a server, but I never would have even guessed how such things played out before reading that.

While I feel mucho silly talking about getting my sub-job after reading about level 70 folks, I'll mention this now anyway. I'm 99.999% sure I'm going to go for BKM as my sub. It just makes sense. In a way I'd like other things, but... gotta go with the logical choice. Unfortunately this means I need to switch jobs and start leveling. From the beginning. Again. (I finally don't worry so much about dying, now I'm going back to level one! Heh.)

Oh well, need to wrap this up and finish work foo so I can leave at 5.
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