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Is it Friday yet? (Assorted stuff)

Very, very tired. Short-ish night on FFXI. Logged on an hour late (ate dinner, watched part of the PoT second musical). Logged off an hour early. I didn't do much in the time I was on: Leveled up to 12, and then got out of the deleveling zone. (If you die, you lose 10% of the HP you need to your next level. So if you level up, then die right away, you will level back down due to loss of XP.) I spent a while fishing (broke another expensive rod, GRRR), but didn't level that skill up. I must be about 5.6-ish now. Caught almost nothing (one single crayfish, ha ha! 15 gil!).

The only change I got with the new level was a new weapon (and it was a gift, too! :) ). Though it's hard to see, my pants are leather. As I run hither and yonder, I often wonder if it's wrong of me to admire my own character's ass. His boots look great from the back, too (but here from the side, not so much).

Babe sure is a good movie (I watched it while fishing). I must be quickly approaching PMS, because just the music made me nearly cry! *sniff* Silly me...

On the PoT musical: When not choking on my dinner over it, I liked it quite a bit. Not nearly so much as I did the first one, but still a lot. And boy, the actors sure must be good natured (and very confident in their manhoods)... Gaydars three counties over were going off as I watched that thing. It sure would be nice if Western entertainment industries would cater to fangirls as much as Japanese ones do. (Watched only the first half-hour of it. Might watch more tomorrow, but I have FMA 27 currently downloading, and I'll want to watch that, too.)

No American Idol tonight! Bah! Another thing messed up by stupid Bush! (Heehee.) *We* here on the west coast could have seen it fine, but the east coasters would have missed it. Oh well. Tomorrow.
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