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Can you feel the love tonight? (FFXI)

Being a white mage, I feel it's part of my job to bring a little more love to the in-character world of FFXI. So to that end, I decided to start hugging monsters instead of hitting them. What a wonderful idea! And it went over so well!

I started in what seemed the least likely place to start: With an orc. To my surprise, he came running to me with open arms! I couldn't get a good shot of the bear hug which followed, but I bet you can imagine it! *lub*lub*

The undead need love, too! There, there, just because you have no flesh doesn't mean I won't hug you!

Some monsters gave off signals of not wanting to be hugged. This tainted hound (So cool! So cool!) was one of them. He was more of a high-five type.


The night was split into two halves, one bad and a waste, the other good and productive. I started out by running down to the Tomb area to see how I'd do there. That was a poor decision. While I could handle the monsters fine there, I could not handle four or five of them at one time. After killing a bunch of bats, I left. It took me about an hour to get there and back, hide from the groups of things, and kill what I did, and I only made about 100 XP total.

In my continuing run of poor ideas, I decided to go to the orc camp again. I signed up for the Save the Children quest a second time, so I needed to complete it. (The stupid party which was going with me died -- that was a couple days back.) So I got there, only to notice that I had the same problem: I could take on one, maybe two, orcs at a time, but not three to five of them. To make matters worse, I got lost in the camp/tunnels. Two folks invited me into their party (red mage one level above me, and warrior two levels below me), and we tried to exit together. (This is where the story gets "good".) We got cornered by three(?) orcs and two bats, and though I was healing as fast as I could, the warrior died. Seconds later, while the other mage and I were still trying to save our asses, the warrior starts yelling at me on the party channel. "YOU LET ME DIE!" "DON'T YOU HAVE ANY MACROS?" "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" Bah. I healed as fast as I could, but the orcs were hitting *me*, too! Bah. I felt really bad, but I had done the best I could. Anyway, the red mage and I escaped, killing things on the way... but because of the level difference, I got about 10 XP a kill. BAH! Bah, bah, bah. Another hour wasted, with >50 XP to show for it!

In the second half of the night I went back to killing sheep and goblins on my own. Made over 1,000 XP in just a couple hours! (Plus tons of loot!) If I had done that the first half of the night as well, I'd be well over half way to level 13 now. (Even with some other mage who kept stealing my sheep. Hello? It's smart to cast Dia *before* you run up and attack! But no, every time I got ready to cast, you ran up and stole my sheep! My weapon was out! Rude, rude, rude!)

Oh well, it's late. Bedtime. Night, folks!
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