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Morning of contradictions: Tired and hyper, cold and hot. (Assorted life stuff.)

First: Happy birthday luminata! Have a great day and lots of cake and gifts! :)

As I expected before logging off, I didn't sleep much at all last night. I was bouncy and happy and excited, and wrote the trip LJ post in my head many many times. :) I should have just gotten up and typed it up!

Bad news, especially since 'not being able to sleep' is such a common thing: I'm going to need to start getting up earlier. My morning walks are getting longer and longer, and now I'm just barely getting in to work on time.

As much as I hate Fry's, I was pondering going at lunchtime and picking up a set of the headsets that the LS folks were talking about last night (they let you talk to other people on MMORPGs, which would make partying and such easier). Then I remembered that I was supposed to go grocery shopping at lunchtime, and since if I don't get food today I won't have any all next week while on vacation, I probably better do that. However...

...Since Friday morning is my official weighing time, I checked it this morning (even though I checked it on Wednesday, too). *sniff* Gained a pound since Wednesday! I'm hoping-hoping-hoping it's just water weight, though I have been eating dinner all of the last three days, so it could be related to that. *sniff* Bad me!

It's darned chilly out right now! Weatherbug says it's 47 degrees, and I'd believe it. While I was rather warm from my walk (I walked faster than usual so I could get to work on time) I was still cold, and now I feel chilled as well. I'd love nothing more than to be able to crawl back into my warm bed and snuggle with my kitty. :)

After a very, very, very belated start, I'm finally reading the next Dark Tower book (the Wolves one). Boy, I love Stephen King, and this is totally my favorite series! I have to say that it's seriously disturbing to see Roland having sex with a woman. He always seemed so asexual to me! Not really even human! Sort of above sex somehow... Anyway, I'm about two-thirds through the book.
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