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FFXI: Screenshots!

Just a few shots from yesterday and today... more than I had intended, but I guess 11 can still count as "a few". :)

However, before we get to them: I hate the word "noob". How lazy can you be to shorten the word 'newbie'? It sounds neither cute nor funny. Up until yesterday, I only ever heard it in an insulting way. "This area is full of noobs." "These noobs shouldn't even own a copy of the game." I never encountered anyone using the word on themself... and in such a stereotypical way:

While I was fishing, someone used /say:


So as I said in my last post, I went running far and wide last night. The majority of these shots are from them.

This looks like something out of a movie! Trail into the distance, beautiful sky overhead, wide open spaces. Looks like the American West (with a couple odd trees).

Me posing in the cacti. I don't usually take "posing pictures", but I wanted to show how big those cacti were!

And speaking of classic movie scenes, look at this sunrise! Or maybe it's a sunset. I can never tell on these, and always call them sunrises for some reason. Look at all the colors in the sky!

I encountered this sign while running into unknown areas. Not a good sign, huh? Hee. I believe that was the area I died in, too.

Pretty, pretty pink rocks. They have rocks like this somewhere, but I can't remember where. Grand Canyon?

Finally I got to the things I wanted to see: Those giant monsters ranched for meat! AKA: FFXI meets Lion King. People have told me their names a couple times now, but for some reason I keep forgetting it. D-something. The pose made me think of the opening song in Lion King... and another beautiful sky.

And the evening ended with: Dead Thistle! At least the monsters posed well for me. Hee. Some guy came and looked at me while I was dead, and I was afraid he would waste his MP to raise me, so I went home. (I couldn't see his name, so I couldn't /tell and ask him not to.) I was killed by a goblin. Boy, do I hate goblins.

After recovering back in Windy, I went outside and died again, this time at the moon. Look how bright it is! Gah. So pretty! And bright enough to actually cast a shadow! (Have I mentioned how much I love this game? :) )

More pretty moon, this time out in the wilds.

Best. Sunrise. Ever. Or sunset. The trail was worn into the ground, which is why the picture is eye-level with the grass.
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