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200 posts, 11 DVDs, and 9 hours...

My harddrive is making more and more odd clicking/clunking/clacking noises, which worries me muchly. And so, yesterday, I started trying to make a backup of it. I found a much-recommended (by strangers) program and downloaded it. It started the backup... but wait! It didn't! It started with a test (unannounced) to make sure it would work with my burner/disks. It tested by writing four tiny little files to it.

"Your burner works! Yay! Now on with the actual backup!"

...but it wrote to the DVD and stopped. You can't overwrite/append these blank DVDs. One into the trash, totally wasted!

Oh well, I had 20 of them at that point. How many could this backup take? Hours and hours went by, more and more DVDs used. I had online plans that evening, and there was still no end in sight. I checked the size of my harddrive and did the math with the DVD sizes... it wouldn't finish until 10 PM! Ack! (That was about 9 hours and 16-ish DVDs.) EEK!

...but "luckily" the program froze after many hours and DVDs burnt. I had to kill it. Checking the help file on it, you couldn't restart a backup if you closed the program. Many DVDs and much time lost. Sigh.

This morning I'm trying again. However, instead of the entire harddrive like yesterday, I'm taking my programs file folder, everything under c:/windows, some other thing (registry? I forget, something it recommended), and my folder of personal/saved/downloaded crap. I'm four hours and on the sixth DVD. I have no idea how much longer and how many more DVDs it'll take, but hopefully not too much. It looks like the stupid program may not actually be compressing stuff, which would be odd...


While it's doing the non-burning part of the backup, I caught up on my flist. 200 more new posts! Hi everyone! You post lots! :) (Yes, I know that's ironic. Usually I post lots as well.)

Last night on FFXI was great! I partied with my LS folks, and we killed lots of stuff. Not until the very end did we seem to be close to anyone dying, either! I leveled up (yay!), though not everyone else did (awww). I'm almost halfway to 14, too! Yay! I can almost taste my subjob... but I'm almost looking forward to being able to ride the birdies, too. That'll be so so so so handy.

On our LS, we all have headsets, which means we can talk to each other as we play. Very cool! Lots of fun to hear everyone, too. :) I just need to get names matched up with the voices. Eek!

If this damned backup ever finishes today, I'm going to go fishing. Fishing! Who'd think that that was one of my favorite parts of the game? Hopefully the moon will be a better phase by then. (Yesterday I broke my rod and lost my lure! Grrr.) If it's not, I'll probably work on leveling up my black mage job.

Hurry, stupid backup! Hurry! I should have moved more of my un-burned anime out of my folder. This is going to take forever...

Grump! :)
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