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Snips and snails and puppy dog tails

Assorted stuff from the last day or two.

A Pokemon amusement park is being built. That's a little scary. I'm amazed it's still popular enough (even in Japan) to support such a thing. It'll be opening in 2005.

The first ep of GANTZ (that's supposed to be in all caps, right?) was sooooooooooooo cool! I'm really not sure how the rest of the series will go (it looks sort of like this group will be fighting the undead?), and I'm not sure if I'll like where it goes in the future, but I loved the first ep! How we heard *everyone's* thoughts, how dark and mean and cynical many characters were. I can't wait to see more!

I finally watched the Live-eviL April Fool's Naruto ep. It was amusing, but no where near as funny as the PMK April Fool's ep. Would you believe I'm actually getting caught up in my anime watching? :) See, I just need a week long vacation every week! Hee.

Speaking of the vacation, as the week went on, I found I could less and less stay on FFXI all day. No matter if I used first or third person view, the darned thing is making me so motion sick! I'm trying to level my black mage up some, but I can't run through the woods without feeling like I'm going to vomit. Bah. (I'm at level eight, 2,000 to level nine. Once I get to nine with it, I can ignore it till I reach 18 on my white mage and get the subjob ability.)

And speaking of the game, I finally gave in and made a mule (a second character just to hold stuff, move stuff, and sell stuff). I set the home as Bastok, since I hadn't seen that city yet. Sorry, loneguardian, but I do think it's a rather ugly place. :) Too much stone! Smokestacks! And when I saw an actual tree, I nearly fell over! She's a Mithra (catgirl), large build (taller than my short human!), with wild red hair. View of her front and back. Since she's a second character after Thistle, I felt I had to name her Chaser. :)

Two odd things about Mithras: 1) When you're picking a face/hair type/color, you see the characters animated. The human one was "normal" (fighting moves, I think? Running?), but man, the Mithra ones were ... um... very very suggestive. Catlike I suppose, but more suggestive than feline. Related to that, never ever have I-as-Thistle (human male) been checked as much as Chaser did in just minutes! Sheesh.

Anyway, while I'm not really happy to be laying out more RL money (even if it's only $1) to deal better with in-game money, it's really working out. Plus, once I get more organized, I'm going to try to use the two characters to move goods which are rare in one city to the other one to sell.

Can you believe I logged off yesterday with 30K in money, and today I have 14K? *cry* New spells were a big part of it, but I spent too much on stuff to get my cooking skills up. Sure, I ended up with eggs and soup and peeled crawfish to sell... but no one is buying! Bah.

(Woo! In the couple hours it took me to catch up on my flist reading, I shook off the motion sick feeling! Back to playing!)
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