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"Butter is good for lots of things, if you catch my drift."

Wizardmon, PokeMUSH's AI cat, was very much on my mind last night. I cooked and cooked and cooked in FFXI, until I was just rolling in butter. And, while Wizardmon may claim otherwise, in-game its uses are more limited. Sell it at the AH, sell it to an NPC, or use it to cook something else. I did the first two.

Strangely, I cooked (in-game) for over three hours yesterday. I made some big, costly mistakes (buying ingredients at the AH before I knew I could get them from an NPC -- hello paying four times too much for everything!), and since I was cooking way above my level I failed a lot, but I gained a lot of skill in it (three levels, I believe).

Money is... well, lacking. I nearly went broke at one point! Then things at the AH sold (and sold and sold) and I got some back (as well as being able to buy my fishing boots, the last fishing item I needed!). Amazingly, when I checked my auctions this morning, six of the seven sold on both characters! That's probably the best overnight results I've ever had!

It looks like I'll be able to catch a stack of moat carp (4K gil) in about an hour. I did it last night during the worst moon, so during better times I should be able to do more.

It's odd, but my game focus really could stay on crafting things. I need higher levels (job-wise) to make crafting easier (if I could ride a damned chocobo I could get between cities so much easier!), but really: Once I hit level 25 (so I can use the raise spell), I'd be happy enough. (Though those teleport spells at 36 could be good money makers, too...) I'd much rather get to level 75 in fishing than in white mage'ing. (Hm, though I wonder if future fishing spots will be in dangerous places, so I'd need to be a higher level character? I should look that up.)

I'm still in Windy, and while I miss Sandy and HATE damned bigger-than-hell Windy, I'm not sure when I'll be going back. Having the cooking and fishing guild accessible is so handy!

Note to non-players:

Know how realistic this game is? You can actually see the change in bodies of water with the different phases of the moon. At the lowest tide, one of my fishing spots actually dries up! And another part of it nearly dries up, you can see spots of land around the remaining puddles! And in coves/bays, you can see bits of land exposed at the low tides. It's so cool!
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