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FFXI Screenshot Time!

My folder is getting full of them, and I was too tired to do much on the game, so I decided to go through them and pick some to post. This time I cropped and sized things as small as I could.

These were taken over a couple weeks, so they come from a lot of different scenes/events.

First up: The one piece of equipment I want most! Check out the headgear this guy is wearing! (Tiny image.) And here's a much better and larger image (along with some bright lights, someone was making something). Unfortunately it's something only a level 72 (75 is the highest level in the game and might as well be called "unreachable") person can wear, as well as just a few jobs (warrior/beastmaster/couple others). Le sigh! What better for Thistle to wear than that, former MUSH people? :} (For non-MUSHers: My staff alt was named Thistle-Chaser and was a saber-tooth tiger.)

Largest image of the night, but I couldn't reduce it further without killing details: I walk through the valley of the shadow of death... Look at those bones! Eeee! Look how big whatever that was must have been! I wonder if it was a dragon? Or a dinosaur? Hungry for ribs? They were twice as tall as us!

Sticking with the bone theme: A pile of bones in a cave. I think undead things lived in there, but either way it looked so cool! Check out that skull!

Windy is like a tropical paradise -- a vacation spot. A wonderful city that is more "part of nature" than "city". Sandy is like a castle in a forest: A structure, but not one that tramples upon nature. The third starting city is Bastok. Bastok grabbed Mother Nature by the hair and bashed her head against the wall until she stopped moving. We don't need no steeenkin' trees! Hey guys! There's still a twisted stump left! You're getting sloppy! In all seriousness, after the utter beauty of other places, Bastok made me want to cry. I'll take arrogant elves over an industrial waste site anyway! ;)

One day we went to a far-away city (Jeuno), and to get back home I needed to die, so I ran out into the wilds and checked out the monsters! There were way too many monsters with "evil" or "death" in their names. (It's hard to see because of the color of the mountain behind it, but that one has a sword floating over its head -- probably where it gets its name?) While there were no Walking Trees in that area, there was walking moss! I was really surprised that that fellow didn't aggro me; I kept walking in front of him, trying to get a good picture. Finally I saw something in the distance that looked like it would do the trick. Look at all those arms! So many ways it could kill me! So I ran closer to it and... AHHHH! I got my wish: One dead Thistle. (Look how big it is!)

I love this picture a lot: Peaceful full moon. I'm considering making the full sized version of it into my desktop. (That's me "naked", by the way. You can't take off everything.)

Warning: The humor in this picture is totally immature. I know, I know! But it made me snicker, so I'm including it. All the girls love Thistle! No, really *love* him! (Sorry Elhaym!) Her hand position is what made the image. (Yes, yes, immature, I know. :) )

Last set: While we were fighting an orc, we learned that cats love Verity. That one there wandered through our orc fight and spotted Verity. (Look how big it is! Look at those paws!) Think it just wants to play with her? Nope! It was hungry! Lastly: They just don't make shields like they used to! (Heehee.) Tigers are my new favorite monsters, in case you can't tell!
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