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Catlove's hosting is down (AGAIN), so I'm not getting any email (LJ comments/replies included) and all the images I've been posting won't work. From the hosting company:

"At approximately noon PST today [yesterday], we saw signs of hardware failure within the RAID array. At that time we shut down the server and began an inspection. The server is currently offline while the array is rebuilt. Thank you for your patience."

I have no idea what an array is or how long it will take to be rebuilt. *grump*


My walking route changes every now and then (or maybe 'evolves' is a better word). I don't like walking in little circles or hitting a spot and then turning around and walking the way I just came from, I'd rather start out at home, walk one big loop and have it end at me being home again. Yesterday I shifted things, and it has an added bonus:

Cats. Lots of them.

There are a surprising number of outdoor cats around here (are you people insane!! Gah!), and my current route takes me by five of them! Two are from the old route and they come out to the sidewalk for a pat-in-passing (I don't want to stop walking, otherwise I'd happily spend more time with them), and three are new. It's funny how it goes from the cats sitting there and watching me, ready to flee, then to them coming closer but having no interest at all in making physical contact with me, then comes the teasing stage: All cats are teases, and at this point they come right up to me and might roll over and show their belly to me as if wanting to be stroked there, or they look at me and rub against things I'm walking by, but if I tried to touch them, they'd go running off. Once we get to the last stage, then I can give them a quick pat or a scritch as I go by.

But I tell you, as much as I like walking, there's nothing like getting into my car right after I finish. Cars are so great! And efficient! Walking is soooo sloooow -- imagine if we had to actually use it to get places!

HP: Rumor has it that the next HP book goes to printing on September 8th (of this year). Doesn't that seem a bit soon? Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have it come out so fast, but could she have written it all by now? I'm doubting it.
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