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Today's special: Black Hole Salad!

I spent my lunchtime grocery shopping (*pant*pant* Faster! Faster! Need to get back to work!), and while I wasn't hungry, I'm trying not to skip meals so I got a pre-made salad. Lettuce, chicken (removed, ick), crunchy things, and... um, other green things, and carrots. Once I got back to work, though still not hungry, I ate part of it. (There's no way I could eat the whole thing. In my entire life, I've not seen a salad so large. The container was much larger than a dinnerplate and rather deep. There were no smaller sized ones.) Even though the dressing was rather yummy, the salad was pretty darned boring, so I tossed the rest out.

Though I hadn't been hungry before or while eating, I just finished moments ago and now I'm starving. I believe that by mistake I didn't pick a salad out of the deli case, I selected an anti-salad! Somehow by ingesting it, it created a black hole in my tummy and so now it's really empty and I'm left hungry. That's just not playing fair, is it?

I wish stores would offer much much smaller salads made of quality greens instead of crappy iceburg lettuce. Sure, this one had a couple of other greens on top, but below them was nothing but the usual poor quality stuff. I'm happy to report that I didn't pick the carrots out of the salad, I just ate them as they hopped onto my fork. (I don't like carrots and usually I avoid them.)

What did *you* have for lunch?


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