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Yay! Zzzzz. Yay! Zzzzz. Yay! Zzzzz. (FFXI)

I woke up this morning at 9, and before anything else I logged onto the game as my mule/second character/seller. Aurian (loneguardian) paged me asking if I wanted to level up today. Eee! That had been my plan, and yay! Now I wouldn't have to go join some random strangers!

Well, 12 hours later, I had four more levels! 20! Woo! I'm in the middle of the chocobo "quest" right now (you have to feed the bird once an hour for six hours to get a license to ride -- the game knows how to keep you online!). And I realized that once I can ride the birds at will, I can get to the place to drop off the items for the subjob quest on my own! I don't need to wait for people to escort me anymore! Woo! Yay no death! :)

Aurian and Draque are great to work with (love you guys!). Since parties are usually six folks, we three kept bringing strangers in to fill the other slots. Most were at least okay, some were great, but a couple sucked ass. (One I willingly didn't heal and kept hoping he would die -- I've never before not healed someone who needed it.) But all in all, it was a good night! Very, very, very tiring, but Draque and I made four new levels, and Aurian got three I believe? She was right behind us.

Oh, one of the people we brought into the party said we were the best party they were ever in, in the whole time they were playing the game. Woo! That was nice. :)

The only downside (and it's not a big one at all) was my lack of eating during the day. Breakfast was bread and butter (something I could pick up in seconds between fights), and lunch was more bread and butter. When dinner time rolled around, I was starving! (Understandably!) I AFKed to get food, but some people kept fighting and since I was the only healer (other than the sucky, not dependable person I mentioned above), I didn't want to be away long. Dinner was the same bread with some peanut butter. :p I'm so so so hungry now, but it's too late to eat. I'll have breakfast tomorrow morning. Mmmm.

I think I'll be fishing for months to pay for all the new armor, weapons, and spells that I now need. :)
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