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Lack of dinner and TV shows.

It's 10 PM. I missed two of my favorite shows, Survivor and CSI. I haven't had dinner yet, other than some popcorn at 5.

Sometimes having MUSH work to do is good, but sometimes it's too much. It took up my whole darned night tonight, five hours of nothing but straight, not-fun work.

Drew and colored a sub-par picture for an hour, it'll have to be good enough for the site. Answered lots of questions. Did a lot of HTML work. Dealt with too many guests. Reviewed a staffer's work for the special project. Answered more questions.

Darned hungry. Grumpy. The two are likely connected.

I'm sad that I missed CSI especially. I only just started watching the series. I like it. Missed most of 24 from a day or two ago, too. The MUSH never lets me give my full attention to the TV, and some shows need more than to just have an ear kept on them.

Sigh. I seriously must be PMS, there's no reason to be about to cry over missing a *TV show*. That's stupid.

Maybe I'll go eat peanut butter out of the jar or something.
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