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I am no longer a proud black man (and were-kittens)

While watching something on TV last night, a commercial came on for a movie called Soul Plane. In it a purple airplane bounced its front end up and down like those idiot car people do when they're showing off. It only got worse from there. Seriously, painfully, "my god, what were you thinking?" worse. Also, it appeared to have a cast of 100% black folks. (The movie poster linked to above shows a couple idiotic- and/or sex-toy-looking white folks, but the commercial didn't include them.)

I have no problem at all with a movie made by a race and for a race (though I think it'd be better if movies just included all races and were marketed for everyone), but man! This piece of crap had every black stereotype in the book, plus a few new ones! And it was the most stupid looking thing that has ever been on my TV! What the hell? If you're a black person and you want to make a movie for other black folks, why would you make something that's nothing but garbage? Something that makes people cringe when they see it? I'm not black*, but I felt embarrassed for everyone who was!

(* On the MUSH there was a joke. I often called myself a "proud black man" when some guest accused us of being racist for not giving them a character on the game. Hence the post's title.)


In other news, I had an odd, interesting, and disturbing dream last night. I somehow "picked up" a son (sort of like adopting him, but informally. No paperwork or anything). The funny thing was, sometimes he turned into a kitten! He was very cute, both as a kitten and as a boy. Since the whole dream took place on an airplane, we cuddled together and slept in the same seat and all that.

I hope I don't have some sort of a biological clock thing going on... I keep thinking and dreaming of kids. I do not want one, one would not fit in my life, so why do I keep thinking of them? I probably just need to get another cat. :)
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